Gladsheim Declaration

As practitioners, students, and followers of reconstructions of the ancient faiths of Europe, we make use of the written body of literature left by our ancient kin of faith, and informed by scholarly research and archaeological information on the topic in defining our modern faith, which we call Heathenry.

As such we rightly object to any person or organization attempting to appropriate or employ the symbols used by our ancient kin of faith for any political purpose, especially for purposes which our own research has shown to be alien to the worldview we celebrate.

In particular we denounce and declare to be absolutely dissociated from our faith, any of the following:

- Discrimination or prejudice on the basis of race, nationality, orientation, or gender identity.

- Any political movement or individual attempting to foment hatred or violence against any individual or group based on the above.

- Any attempt to appropriate any of the symbols or lore of our faith in support of the above.

- Any lies promulgated in support of such appropriation.

We as a kindred reserve the right to determine which individuals or groups we choose to support or denounce at our sole discretion, and to defend the integrity of our symbols and traditions through lawful and appropriate actions in a place, time, and manner of our choosing.

We as a kindred welcome individuals of good character from any race, nationality, orientation, or gender identity so long as their wish to associate with us stems from a desire to revere, celebrate, and worship the ancient Gods and Goddesses of Europe.